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Wagner Clothes Lockers offer great designs as well as a superb functionality. So it's easy for the user to keep order of everything. Different dimensions and modalities make for an economically furnished locker room. And there are no limits to the colour choices.
An extensive range of models covers every area of application – from simple clothes lockers, lockers with two, three or four compartments on top of each other to a locker system for valuables with compartments for mobile phones and hand bags. Wagner always produces the lockers with high-quality, sendzimir-galvanised sheet steel, powder-coated or in stainless steel. It's the details like hinges, locks, benches, exhaust air systems, perforations etc. that show our years of experience. Wagner delivers cupboards, lockers and cabinets to the industry, to maintenance depots, the military and the police, to public swimming pools, fitness centres as well as to architects, general contractors and private persons. Sophisticated systems in chrome steel are mainly delivered to the chemical industry and to large butcheries. Our assets are quality, durability and an environmentally sound production.

Experienced specialists fulfil our customers' requirements.
Our years of experience are worth it. Specialists with profound knowledge and great sense of responsibility develop the best solution to meet your requirements and fulfil your wishes. Ask your Wagner advisory expert! We will be happy to give you a detailed comparison of systems and costs.









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